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Lincoln High School

1600 SW Salmon, Portland OR 97205


Tel: 503-916-5200

Important Update

Congratulations to Tyler Bragg for his promotion at Tap Space Publications! Tyler’s pursuit of a career in music composition and publication is moving forward as he is now a full-time employee at Tap Space. Consequently, Tyler will not be returning to Lincoln High School as percussion instructor. Tyler will be sorely missed and we wish him all the best in his new position. 


2019-2020 is bringing on many changes, the biggest of which is the ground breaking for the new LHS in December/January. Other changes in the instrumental music program will include integrating audio recording technology and career education in the Sonic Arts into the curriculum, a mentoring program at West Sylvan Middle School and Skyline K-8. Sadly, another big change, the Lincoln Percussion Ensemble will be retired this year as the cost of operation and extreme small number of students committing does not make this program sustainable. 


Please be using the cardinalmusic.net website as a resource for current information for all things band, orchestra, and guitar! Also, make sure that you have downloaded the Google Classroom App as we will be using that as a primary mode of communication. Looking forward to a great year!