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Vocal Music    

How Can I Keep from Singing?

Choir classes are not just for people who know how to sing already. If you think you're only outlet is the shower or your car, think again! Music classes are intended to help you learn not just to sing, but many other skills as well, and they are for EVERYONE! The beauty of choir and music is that it can belong to anyone. Many members of our different ensembles are also athletes, full IB or take IB classes, involved in clubs, have jobs, or a plethora of other activities. The coolest thing about choir is how many different kinds of people lend their voices to create a unified sound.

Classes are offered for all levels of skill and committment. Students in every ensemble will learn to be part of a team. Singing offers a vast array of benefits such as improved physical health, social skill-building, responsibility, and a sense of belonging. 


Cardinal Choir

Cardinal choir is for experienced singers and musicians who want to develop and improve their performing, musicianship, and singing skills. In this class you will learn and develop vocal skills for individual and group singing. You will learn to sing music from many cultures, languages, and time periods and learn musical skills to prepare you for singing beyond high school. Cardinal Choir competes in district and state choral festivals. Participation in this choir qualifies you to participate in or audition for OSAA Solo and Ensemble Festival, OMEA All-State choir, and NAfME All-Northwest and All-National choirs. Required performances include a Fall, Winter, and Spring concert, PopCycles, and choral festivals. 


Admission is based upon a private audition in the Spring or Fall.

Lincoln Ladies

Lincoln Ladies is an all women’s choir designed to introduce singers of any skill level to group and individual singing skills. Learn a variety of music from different time periods, cultures, and languages. You will learn fundamental notation, showmanship, sight- reading, and international phonetic alphabet. Required performances include fall, winter, and spring concerts and women’s choral festivals.

Members of the choir are eligible to participate in the Tri-M Music Honor Society, may sing in district Solo and Ensemble Festival, and may also sing in women's choir festivals. This class is a full year and may be repeated all four years of high school. It also meets pre-requisite requirements for Cardinal Choir. 


There is no audition required. All skill levels and commitment levels are welcome!

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